Winemaking Supplies

Stock or restock the various supplies used for home fermenting like ingredients, cleaning, filter pads and more.

Acid Blend


Acid Blend Image



Bentonite Image

Bottles, 12x750ml Clear


Bottles, 12x750ml Clear Image

Bottles, 12x750ml Green


Bottles, 12x750ml Green Image

Campden Tablets


Campden Tablets Image

50 Tablets



Chitosan Image



Chloroclean Image



Conditioner Image

For sweetening wines without fermenting again.



Corks Image



Dextrose Image



Elderberries Image

Filter Pads, Course Mini Square 3pk


Filter Pads, Course Mini Square 3pk Image

Filter Pads, Fine Mini Square 3pk


Filter Pads, Fine Mini Square 3pk Image

Filter Pads, Polishing Mini Square 3pk


Filter Pads, Polishing Mini Square 3pk Image



Keiselsol Image

Oak Chips


Oak Chips Image

Oak Cubes


Oak Cubes Image

Oak Powder


Oak Powder Image

Pectic Enzyme


Pectic Enzyme Image

PET Bottles & Caps, 24x500ml


PET Bottles & Caps, 24x500ml Image

Case of 24x500ml PET bottles. Choice of green or clear. Includes screw caps.

Potassium Metabisulphite, 1kg


Potassium Metabisulphite, 1kg Image

Potassium Metabisulphite, 250g


Potassium Metabisulphite, 250g Image

Potassium Sorbate


Potassium Sorbate Image

Tannin Powder


Tannin Powder Image

Yeast Energizer


Yeast Energizer Image

Yeast Nutrient


Yeast Nutrient Image

Nutrient to aid in yeast production. 50 gram pack

Yeast, Lavlin 1116


Yeast, Lavlin 1116 Image

Yeast, Lavlin 1118


Yeast, Lavlin 1118 Image

A general workhorse yeast commonly used for wines, ciders and champagnes. 'Clean' fermenting yeast with minimal taste and capable of producing up to 15% ABV.

Yeast, Lavlin 1122


Yeast, Lavlin 1122 Image

Yeast, Lavlin D-47


Yeast, Lavlin D-47 Image

Yeast, Lavlin RC 212


Yeast, Lavlin RC 212 Image