Winemaking Equipment

Build or improve your fermenting setup with equipment like buckets, tubing, siphons, filtering machines and more.

Airlock, 3-Piece


Airlock, 3-Piece Image

Auto Siphon Small


Auto Siphon Small Image


Auto-Siphon Large


Auto-Siphon Large Image


Avinator Bottle Sanitizer


Avinator Bottle Sanitizer Image

Bottle Drainer


Bottle Drainer Image

Drain and dry up to 45 bottles. Stackable.

Bottle Fillers Large


Bottle Fillers Large Image


Bottle Fillers Small


Bottle Fillers Small Image


Bottle Washer Double Blast


Bottle Washer Double Blast Image

Bottle Washer Single Blast


Bottle Washer Single Blast Image



Brushes Image

Crown Caps


Crown Caps Image

Fermenting Starter Kit


Fermenting Starter Kit Image

Everything you need to get started making wine, beer or cider. All the basics you need for fermenting, racking, testing and cleaning. This Kit Includes: - 2x 24L Fermenter Buckets - 2x Fermenter Lids with hole - 2x Rubber Stoppers - 2x Airlock (3pc) - Racking Cane - 5ft of Racking Tube - Shut-off Clamp - Hydrometer Test Tube - Floating Triple-scale Hydrometer - Potassium Metabisulphite (250g) - Instruction book for winemaking from kits. (Note: You will still need to choose a wine, beer or cider kit to make -- and bottles or a bottling alternative.)

Fizz-X Degasser


Fizz-X Degasser Image

Glass Carboy 11.5 ltr


Glass Carboy 11.5 ltr Image

Glass Carboy 23 ltr


Glass Carboy 23 ltr Image

Hose & Tubing


Hose & Tubing Image

Both 3/8" and 1/2". $0.50 per foot.



Hydrometer Image

Mixing Paddles


Mixing Paddles Image

Plastic paddles and spoons for mixing and stirring.

PET Carboy 23L


PET Carboy 23L Image

Primary Fermenter 30L lid only


Primary Fermenter 30L lid only Image

Primary Fermenter 30L pail only


Primary Fermenter 30L pail only Image

Racking Cane Large


Racking Cane Large Image


Racking Cane small


Racking Cane small Image


Rubber Stoppers


Rubber Stoppers Image

Available in sizes #6.5 to #11, with prices ranging from $2.00 to $4.00

Stirring Spoons


Stirring Spoons Image



Thermometer Image

Wine Crate


Wine Crate Image

Wine Thief


Wine Thief Image