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Enjoy the same wines you love without paying all the extra taxes.

Who We Are

Wine Works is a proud small business serving a wonderful local community. We love wine and we’re passionate about quality, the process and seeing the final product enjoyed.

Let’s make some great wines together!

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Why Make Wine At Wine Works?

Save Money

Take advantage of the tax-free benefits of winemaking, getting you the same great quality wines you love without paying any additional taxes.

Fun & Personal

Have fun crafting wines with your own style, seeing it transform into something special. Create your own brand with custom labels and shrink caps.

Easily Stocked Cellars

Spend more time enjoying your wines, your family and your friends -- and less on frequent trips to the store.

Convenient Bottling Options

With our help, bottling is quick and easy. However, not everyone wants to worry about rinsing and reusing bottles -- so we offer bag-in-a-box as a convenient alternative. See our comparison of bottles and bags.

SMS Notifications

When making wine at Wine Works, you have the option to recieve updates on your phone. We'll let you know when your wine is moves along it's journey and when it's ready to bottle.

Online Appointment Booking

Have a busy schedule? We've added online appointment booking just for you! When your wine is ready to bottle, we'll give you a link so you can choose a time when it's convenient for you. You'll always be able to simply call or email us if you prefer.

About Wine Works

Wine Works was established over 30 years ago and has a storied history of making wine for the fine citizens of our community.

Find out who we are and why we love wine, meet our team and take a peek into our daily lives at the shop.

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We're excited to meet you and look forward to being a part of your winemaking journey!