Wine Tasting Club & Events

Join the free wine tasting club for access to upcoming private events!

Wine Tasting Club: FAQ

Is It Free To Join?

It's free to join the wine tasting club, which lets you browse upcoming events.

What Does It Mean To 'Join The Club?'

The wine tasting club is simply a group that we can communicate wine tasting events to. Beyond the odd email, there are no requirements, responsibilities or member fees.

Why Do I Need To Join The Club To Attend Tasting Events?

The rules and regulations in this industry require that we do not promote events to the general public.

What Pricing Are The Wine Tastings?

While prices may vary for different events, the majority of events will be priced at $25.00/person.

Can I Bring My Friends?

Absolutely! While the cost is still $25/person, to help us cover the costs, you can purchase multiple tickets at once for any group.

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