Winemaking paired with our service is a winning combination.

Learn about the simple process you'll go through when making your wine at Wine Works.

Step 1: Choose Your Wine

Select from over 250 wines sourced from around the globe, ranging in price and variety. Browse your options online, or visit our shop so we can help!

Step 2: Sprinkle Some Magic

Now we get to have some fun — mixing your juice with various ingredients like grape skins or oak to create just the right mix.

Then the magic happens: the yeast is added. This is what kicks off the process of fermentation, turning that sweet juice into our favourite alcoholic beverage.

Step 3: Kick Back & Relax

For the next 4-6 weeks, we'll work with your wine to ensure it meets it's maximum potential.

Sit back, relax and if you've already got some wine, have a glass! We'll let you know when your wine is ready.

To learn more about what happens in these 4 to 6 weeks, glimpse behind the scenes at the Wine Works winemaking process.

Step 4: Bottling or Bagging

Once your wine is ready, you'll use our easy bottling system to fill your bottles and our staff will help! Another option instead of bottles is to use wine bags, similar to the bag-in-a-box you've seen before.

To learn more about your options check out our comparison of bottles and bags.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Have a glass after work, with dinner or whenever you choose. Great for sharing with friends and family, serving at events or impromtu gifts.

Useful Next Steps

Order Your Next Wine Early

To avoid waiting, get your next wine started while you enjoy this one. We can coordinate with you to meet any future schedule.

We have several ways to make this easier for you depending on your lifestyle and wine choice. Ask us about 'future ordering' or the 'repeat' system.

Storing Your Wine Safely

Keep your wine bottles upright for 1-2 weeks, then lay them on their side -- letting the cork expand and then keeping it from drying out.

To avoid any spoilage keep your wines in a dark area with a stable temperature. For aging, aim for 22°C or 72°F, otherwise cooler is better.

Rinse & Re-use Your Bottles

If you plan to re-use your bottles, it's important to keep them clean. The easiest way to do this is to give them a good rinse right after you emptying them. That's all you need when paired with our food-safe sanitizer before bottling again.

If you forgot to rinse or your bottles need some extra love, give them a soak and use a brush on any stains or tough particles.

Start Your Wine Today!

To get started, simply visit our shop. We'll answer any questions you have, get to know each other and help you get started with winemaking.

We're excited to meet you and look forward to being a part of your winemaking journey!

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