Bottle or Bag?

A comparison between your two main options for storing your finished wines.

To Bottle Or Bag?

After your wine is completed, you’re given the choice: would you like to put your wine in bottles or in bags?

Both are great options for storing your wine and each option has its own pros and cons, making them suitable for different situations. To help you decide which option is right for you, we’ve put together a comparison below.

The Comparison


How Many Do You Get?

30 Bottles (750ml each)

How Long Does It Take?

Approx. 30 minutes.

Shelf Life Under Proper Conditions?

5 Years or Longer.

Can I Recycle Them?

Yes, like any glass.

Does It Cost Extra?

Not if you reuse your bottles. New bottles available for $1.00/each.


How Many Do You Get?

5 Bags (4.5L each)

How Long Does It Take?

Approx. 15 minutes

Shelf Life Under Proper Conditions?

Approx. 6 Months.

Can I Recycle Them?

Yes, in your blue box.

Does It Cost Extra?

No extra charge for the wine bags. Free box for dispensing.

Why Use Bottles?

Now that you know the hard facts, what are some benefits of using the bottles?

  • The only choice if you plan on aging your wine.
  • Great for sharing, more appealing to some company.
  • Able to be decorated with labels and shrink caps.
  • That ‘romance’ of opening a bottle of wine.

Why Use Bags?

Don’t count bags out however, they have some great benefits themselves.

  • Convenient option if you aren’t aging your wine.
  • Avoids the hassle of cleaning and organizing bottles.
  • Needs less storage space then bottles.
  • Lighter to carry and easier to transport for camping, cottaging or other travel.
  • Great for parties — no need to open multiple bottles.
  • Useful for no-glass facilities or campgrounds.
  • Save on time bottling, labeling and decorating.
  • As wine is taken out of the bag, it deflates without introducing new oxygen. This means it doesn’t suffer from the same oxidization challenges you may have trying to store a half-consumed bottle of wine.

Most of our customers make their decision based on two factors:

  • 1) Will You Be Aging It?
  • 2) Is it important to have nicely decorated bottles for sharing, visitors, dinner parties or other occasions?

If the answer is yes to both, bottles are your only option, however if you would answer no, then bags might be your new best friend.

The choice is yours for your next wine, and as always if you have any other questions — just ask us!

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